Booking Conditions

1. Contract – The Booking contract shall be between the booker & SCOFF Catering & subject to the booking conditions.

2. Payment – For a booking made less than 6 weeks before your event we require a deposit of 50% of the total cost. The balance is due 3 weeks prior to the event. For bookings within 3 weeks prior to the event date a full payment will be required.

3. Balance Payment – Upon payment of the deposit & subject to acceptance of the booking, the booker becomes liable for the balance 3 weeks before the event. Bookings from persons under 18 years of age cannot be accepted.

4. Deposit – A Deposit of £100.00 is required to secure the booking. This is non-refundablein the event of cancellation.

5. Availability – The booking contact is made on the understanding that the event will be catered for on the dates stated. In the unlikely event that the booking is cancelled through events arising out of control of SCOFF Catering, then the company may be forced to cancel the booking. The booker will be advised of any such circumstances as early as possible, & will receive a full refund of all monies paid. The booker will have no further claims against SCOFF Catering

6. Damage – All bookings are accepted on the condition that SCOFF Catering’s property is looked after accordingly, & that all damages and/or breakages will be paid for by the person making the booking.

7. Complaints Procedure – In the unfortunate situation when there is a complaint, please let a senior member of staff know as quickly as possible. They will make every effort to make sure your complaint is handled quickly & efficiently, but you do need to act quickly. Unless in certain circumstances, no compensation will be made for complaints raised after the event has finished, when the booker has denied the company the opportunity of investigating the complaint & endeavouring to put matters right on the day of the event.

8. Venues & Services – SCOFF Catering cannot be held responsible for any problems and/or cancellations occurring due to things outside of their control, i.e. the venue owners & services they provide. Also they can’t be held responsible for failure in the basic required services, i.e. Electricity, gas, water, unless we promised to supply any of them ourselves. SCOFF Catering is only responsible to provide the booker with services promised in the contract between them.

9. Price Changes – SCOFF Catering reserve the right to amend prices quoted in advertisements due to errors and/or omissions. Also unless otherwise promised & confirmed the price list for the current year will apply.

10. Products & Menus – SCOFF Catering has taken great care in its product & menu descriptions. If the booker is unsure about any menu item or product used, they should discuss this with us before the date of the event, as soon as possible. The company cannot be held responsible with any dissatisfaction of the menu and/or the product served on the date of the event. Due to the booker not understanding what the product and/or the menu was.

11. Allergies & Special Diets – SCOFF Catering can only provide food for people with allergies or special dietary requirements if we have prior knowledge of these needs, at least a 1week, before the event date & that we have agreed to cater for these needs. The Company cannot be held responsible for any problems arising with a customer with any allergies and/or special dietary requirement if we weren’t pre-warned & had agreed to cater for those needs, at least 1 week prior to the event date.

12. Cancelations – If you have to cancel your booking you must telephone SCOFF Catering as soon as the reason for cancellation occurs. You must also confirm your cancelation in writing within 10 working days by recorded delivery to SCOFF Catering, East Court Barton, Cadeleigh, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 8RZ. The day we receive your telephone notification of cancellation is the date on which your booking is cancelled.

If you cancel your booking for any reason, you will receive a refund of any balance monies paid provided the cancellation notification is received more than 3 weeks prior to the event date. The deposit will be refunded if the event date is subsequently booked by another party. If you cancel your booking within 3 weeks of the event date, no refund will be given, unless the event date is subsequently booked by another party, when a full refund will be made.

13. Disclaimer-We strongly suggest that you undertake insurance cover for you event, as we are unable to refund and deposit or advance payments. A service charge is not included as we feel that this is at your own discretion. Some dishes may contain or nut deviates. Please note that food served on the premises is not to be taken away.