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Wedding Picnic!!!

Event: Picnic Themed Wedding
For: Jon & Emily Sullivan
Date: 11th June 2011
Location: Kingsteignton, Devon
Menu: Scotch Eggs, Pork Pies, Sausage Rolls, Mediterranean Vegetable Quiche, Salmon & Prawn Platter, Meat & Pate Platter, Various Salads, Hand Cut Bread, Scones Bakewell Tart, Lemon Tart & Pickles & Accompaniments.

What a fantastic & unusual event! A totally bespoke event. Our lovely couple wanted a relaxed picnic style wedding breakfast, but layed up at tables inside a marquee. To help set the atmosphere we had gingham table clothes especially made. To give the effect of picnic rugs. Also all the food was served in picnic hampers, served on the table. With traditional picnic foods lovingly prepared by our chefs to the clients specifications.

Stuart & the team arrived early in the day, to help prepare the room & make sure that all was ready for the big day. Also we had to get the welcome drinks ready for all the thirsty guests!

The tables needed to be laid in the style of an English picnic, but with some class! We had trouble finding what we needed, so we had them made.

The food too, had to reflect the clients request. Of an English style picnic. They were very impressed with the results. This testimonial was taken from  a letter we received from them;

“Thank you so much for all your help making our wedding day so unforgettable. You really helped to make & set the scene. Not only did everyone enjoy the food, but everyone really enjoyed the novelty. Also thank you for the service you provided. You were all extremely professional & courteous.”

Even the cake had to fit the theme! replacing the traditional style cake with cup cakes.

It was great fun and a relished challenge to cater for this event. And the day went seamlessly, with all truly happy!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Sullivan!

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